Monday, October 8, 2007


I just have one question from our discussion today.

We discussed action and intent again today. We seemed to decide that when Krishna spoke of action he was also referring to the mental state of that action. He believes that people must be in the right mindset, "thinking about nothing," to perform actions in the right manner.

So this led me to the question: Does Krishna expect people to act on impulses without thinking before they act?

It seems like he might. He placed such a strong emphasis on duty and thinking about nothing, that it would lead me to reach this conclusions. He also discussed how everyone is born into a class and the work they do is intrinsic. From this I would garner that the proper actions a person must perform are intrinsic. Thus, impulses are always the correct actions.

However, acting on impulse seems to contradict the idea of discipline that is such an overarching theme within the BAG. Discipline of the body and mind is the direct opposite of impulsive action. Discipline requires much thinking, contemplating, and restraining of oneself. How can two such differing ideas be necessary to live a life free of karma? To me it seems almost impossible to escape the cycle of reincarnation.

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