Friday, March 7, 2008

CIE Movie

In class today Nathan brought up the possiblity that we, as an audience, project our own views about humanity and morality onto representations of nature, like the video we watched. As a collective bod, I believe we had a tendency to root for the lions and wished harm upon the hyenas. Disregarding the biases included within the film, I really believe we can gain a strong understanding about our ideas of justice from this experience. In Plato's Republic one definition of justice he suggests is that justice is simply the rule of the stronger. I believe our willingness to cheer for the lions stems from our natural inclination towards this definition of justice. Lions are naturally stronger, thus we will naturally support their victory. The lion's victory appears just. On the contrary, the successes of the hyenas appears to go against the laws of nature. Even when the young hyena princess is ostracized by her clan, I struggled to sympathize with her situation. I found myself almost happy when she fell from her glory. However, any time one of the lions was harmed it pained me to watch, especially if it was caused by the hyenas. It does not seem like these judgments are conscious decisions, but they are ingrained in our subconscious. Some may argue that we have a tendency to root for the underdog, but that cannot be validated in our consideration of justice. I believe people root for the underdog because they subconsciously believe it is against the natural order for them to win. This still supports my notion that our natural inclination is to believe justice is the rule of the stronger.

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