Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ramblings on Noah

I'm not sure if this actually made sense to anyone. In my head it made sense but I don't think I was able to fully collect my thoughts and accurately transcribe them into this blog. So good luck to anyone who tries to decipher what this actually says...

Last class we spent a great deal of time discussing the story of Noah cursing his son after he saw him in his drunken/naked stupor. I know that we came to many conclusions about the reasons why Noah cursed his one son and not the other two. But I am still stuck on the fact that Noah was simply mortified about what he had done and angry that his son had exposed his actions to his other two sons. Had Noah's son simply never acknowledged Noah, I believe Noah would have been less embarrassed and not taken his anger out on him.

I also really liked Anton's point about the significance of vision. There is a distinct difference between simply knowing something is happening and actually witnessing the same event. The visual effect makes it more real, once something is seen its existence can no longer be questioned. If someone only hears about something happening, there is always room for error and/or interpretation. However, once it has actually been witnessed that room for error or interpretation is lost. I believe that this is why Noah was so angry at his son. Had his son simply avoided Noah and pretended not to see what was going on, Noah would have been able to comfort himself, however false the comfort may have been, on the fact that his son may not have actually seen what was going on. Once the visualization took place there was no way Noah could deny what he had done nor could his son deny what he had seen. The fact that his son saw it made Noah have to acknowledge the reality of his actions.

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